Hopper Dining Hall Renovation- Valdosta State University

Valdosta, Georgia


9,400 square feet

$1,865,687 construction cost


Interior Design,  Space Planning, Finish Selection,

Rendering, Shop Drawings, and Construction






The Ellis, Ricket Design team was requested to transform an existing shell on the bottom floor of a university housing complex into a food court with the atmosphere of a fine dining restaurant.


Our team formed the empty shell into a chic dining space filled with bright colors, a range of textures, and a number of complimenting finish materials. The lowered ceiling provides the illusion of a covered walkway which leads customers to the circular food servery and then back into the dining room. The ceiling was painted in a dark Java color to make it receed from view, while an open grid stretches across the lowered ceiling plane. 3-Form panels in Ginko, Tiger, and Hydrangea Thatch mingle with Maidenhair panels and bright Varia panel colors of Mango and Bali to add semi-transulscent accents to the walls and walking paths.