Key to any project’s success is building a strong foundation of information, knowledge and alignment of all major components from the start. Proper programming, planning and design will insure that each project will support the needs of the Client, while achieving its functional activities within budget, schedule and operational constraints. 


Ellis, Ricket has successfully developed and utilized an “Interactive Design Workshop” on many projects to jump start the design process.  This technique allows the entire design team to work closely with the Owner and their staff to develop a pre-design document in three /four days which will include a concept site plan and building plan.  A concept estimate is developed on the final day of the work shop.  We find this workshop helps to successfully complete the project on time and build team momentum early on to keep the project on track.


One of the most successful products of this process is that it brings the owner and their staff directly into the design process "early on" and allows for their input into the design. This makes the owners team a participant rather than an observer in the design process and often eliminates the need for future changes as the design develops.